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I will partake you today on FIVE of my most important pillars to an utopian consciousness. Ones that will shape your journey and craftsmanship for future generation if aspired for greatness.

These 5 pillars are not just abstract fundamentals but key to a self-destructive livelihood. If applied without being told or pressured, one can change his or her entire paradigm.


The first and most important aspect of your craft englobes your work ethic. YOU MUST commit yourself in working hard. You must be self-destructive towards your daily routine. Work like HELL. If you’ve got a job, go to the gym, commute from place to place, eat at the dinner table for an hour, spend time with friends and family, then just know that there is someone out there who is psychologically damaged, spending most of his or her time into their craft.

3 years ago, I was 1000% indulged within my craft. I had quit my job, wasn’t going the gym, never had to go places since I abolished any social distraction, I was eating in my parent’s basement at all time and never have I ever let my so called “friends” and family distract me from my dream. NOTHING could have stopped me from getting distracted.

Call me crazy but I’m the only individual within my environment who has achieved a complete state of freedom today and I can give you my absolute word that I will become a monster from the inside out in the coming months and years.

Moreover, the second and I believe most important aspect of your craft is your environment.Your environment will shape your manners, frequency, production and most importantly thinking. If you choose to surround yourself with people whom are at different gap within their lives, then you pay the price. You need to LET GO. LET GO, Period! You need to understand that everyone’s got a personal journey. Everyone is at different level within their journey and if you’re the most astonishing, intellectual, conscious and smartest person in the room, then you know what you MUST do!

You must at all time indulge yourself with people who want to create and do great things for the world. People who believe in the impossible. People who can internally destroy their soul for the sake of work and perfectionism. If you chose to surround yourself around great minds, you will vibrate great energy and your condition of life will flourish. I give you my word. Life is a game of luck and YOU MUST create your own.

The third is one of my favourite. I see so many people within the business world or entrepreneurial paradigm focus on monetary aspirations. They chose to promote leveraged success just for the sake of capital gain because deep down they do not value their worth. They would prefer to make another man’s vision richer rather than their own. YOU MUST at all time focus on your journey and vision.

What are you fighting for?

What’s that one thing that you want people to remember you for?

What do you really want?

By answering these highly challenging questions, your vision will flourish, which will then give your product and content more value into people lives. Your products or vision cannot be just good. IT MUST BE GREAT. It has to mean something. It has to take people into a different paradigm. It has to be odd, beautiful and heal people from the inside out making them feel great to be in great hand.

The fourth aspect of your craftsmanship is nothing but paving your own personal legend. I see some leaders say “Look at what everyone else is doing and do the polar opposite” I feel that this statement needs substance. If you truly want to find your personal legend and become someone whom you’ve always wanted to be, take time to heal your mind. Unlearn some of the most absurd and fear based perception you’ve absorbed your entire life and re-flourish your mind and body into new state of high development through books, audios, seminars, mentorship, events, meditation, masterminds, workshops, etc.. By doing so you start to elevate your consciousness, resulting in seeing the world much more clear.

Once that done, you start to see things that you’ve never thought of seeing before and THAT by friend is where your vision starts to strengthen and shapes itself because you discover that the world is pretty messed up. You see the truth and the truth is the only light that you must pave in. That’s when you pave your own path. When you are fully ILLUMINATED.

Lastly, I want to focus on one of the most misunderstood concept of wealth creation or so called success: Fear of money or RISK. Ever since you were a kid, you have been indoctrinated by money and what money represents. You have seen your parents and friends struggle upon it. Relationships, marriages and friendships are ruined because of it. I want you to understand this: NOTHING IN THIS WORLD WORKS THE WAY YOU THINK IT DOES. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Money is a weapon illuminated people use to compound their wealth. It is the most astonishing creation mankind has ever spread to the world. STUDY where money comes from and how it is being leveraged. It will change your FREAKING life. My people are dying from a lack of knowledge as the Bible clearly states. You need to educate yourself on the notion of wealth and how to acquire it because quiet honestly our school system will NEVER teach that.

So many people around the world exchange money for their blood. They work long hours to collect a peanut salary for the sake of ignorance while successful and wise men and women are getting richer. That’s modern slavery at its finest.

Live your life on the edge. What’s the point of living when one seek security and personal settlement. Life’s too short to accept fear and let it eat you from the inside out. Take compulsive and calculated risks before you have obligations. Everyone want to become successful and do great yet they do not want to do the work it takes to acquire internal and external gratification. I want you to become a God of RISK. Make it your peasant and live your life at its core potential.


Love you.


- Calvin Aman

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