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Namaste my friend,

I just came back 2 days ago from Orlando, Florida.

I've been to 8-9 places in the States in the past year and I gotta tell you.. Orlando is crazy! haha

I've had a ton of fun. We stayed at a super cool hotel. One of the biggest hotel in the United States. 

I've taken a bunch of footage and created this for you.

Enjoy 🙂

Here is the thing.. This has helped me a lot in my business. Utilize it if you please. It may lead you to your biggest breakthrough

Einstein said it best: "It's not that I'm smart, I just stay with problems longer"

Whether you are an affiliate marketer, network marketer, online marketer or a small business owner, you are considered an entrepreneur and entrepreneurs are problem solvers. They see things and believe that they can transform it to great. 

When you are promoting an offer and results are not showing the way you want it to be no matter how hard and persistent you contributed to the craft.. just know this. Those who stick with problems longer not only crack the code but condition their mind to always keep persisting. 

I see so many people within this industry jumping from one offer to the next thinking that the next offer may get them rich. This might get you capital but it will only benefit you for a very very short period of time, thus freedom is a long shot.

If you truly want to become a leader and outcompete everyone else, then get yourself a great mentor and watch him or her all the time and model what he or she is doing till you become an insider of the game. Once you become an insider, you then become free for the rest of your life. You will then have the ability to make decisions for yourself and create systems, products, visions, ideas, etc.. for the world to be better.

Again, stick with problems longer in order to become a master of persistence.

Enjoy the video. Leave me your thoughts below. Would love to hear it 🙂

- Calvin

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